There’s a screw in my neck

I went to the doctor's last week to get my regular checkup.  Things are progressing very nicely, in fact: Started P.T. 3 weeks earlier than normal due to my health and age (young) Gave me the go-ahead to start running again - nice! Got the approval t [...]

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Neck Update, 10/5/08

Things are going well with my recovery.  I had a doctor's appointment earlier in the week (Thanks Elise for driving me) and the prognosis is good.  I'm allowed to take the brace off on occasions, mostly when i'm just laying low at home.  Things are s [...]

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Neck Update – 9/28/08

Things have been going very well on the recovery standpoint.  I had a very relaxing week, partially cuz i can't do anything - can't drive, can't workout, can't run a marathon, can't lift anything over 5-10lbs. On about Thursday, i really started feel [...]

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