Lenny and I are planning a little backpacking trip to Yosemite this summer.  If you call a 30 mile hike over 4 days fun, that’s us 🙂  Here’s tentative schedule!

  • Mon 8/7 8:00 am, Depart SD, drive to Yosemite Valley
  • Mon 8/7 6:00 pm, Stay at backpackers campground in Valley
  • Tue 8/8 7:30 am, pickup Backcountry permit
  • Tue 8/8 8:20 am, Get shuttle to Trail Head (22 Miles out)
  • Tue 8/8 10:00am, Hike 9 miles to Ribbon Creek
  • Wed 8/9 8:00 am, Hike 10 miles to Lahamite Creek, visit top of El Capitan
  • Thur 8/10 8:00 am, Hike 11 miles to Mirror Lake, visit North Dome
  • Thur 8/10 4:00 pm, Exit Mirror lake trailhead, shuttle back to campground
  • Fri 8/10 10:00am, Depart Yosemite Valley to SD

We can take our time in Yosemite too, if we want to stay the morning, and take our time getting home. Maybe even stay somewhere back down, or just drive into the night.